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Feelings are generated by the brain which is managed by the mind, when the mind is calm we make better judgments, when the mind is calm, we feel good we want more.

Encouraging children to develop empathy skills through mental relaxation is important in helping recognize the good person deep down inside. We are not born, evil, bad or abusive but our desire for pleasure often gets us into trouble. In all my years of dealing with people in therapy under hypnosis I have never come across one bad person.

My program provides a platform that helps promote positive expressions of feelings, improve behavior, and help become more compassionate, and generous towards others. I have a presentation called “Mental Relaxation for Successful Learning” which is free and can be used to get the message out that there. This solution is a life changing skill that can be learned at any age. Let’s get the message out that there, lets get children, parents and teachers generate interest by organizing a tour of the schools and colleges.

Remember mental relaxation can play an important part in helping children spend time thinking about connecting with their inner goodness and strengths. The program brings peace and calmness and provides the tools to help manage future outbreaks. It helps promote positive expressions of feelings; it helps children feel their own power and gives them the understanding to improve their behavior. It helps them become more considerate, compassionate, forgiving, kind and generous towards others. Overall levels of emotional satisfaction and literacy in pupils rise significantly when mental relaxation is introduced. Results show that pupil behavior improves dramatically and less exclusions are reported.

In 2007-2008 a schools exclusion level had fallen to one and levels of exclusions remained similarly low in 2008-2009. In 2009-2010 there had been no exclusions. The number of serious behavior incidents, including aggressive or violent behavior or serious disrespect halved in the first year, halved again the following year and continues to fall, current data suggests that these levels will halve again during the current academic year 2009-2010. Incidents of repetitive low level disruptive behavior also fell by 20%.

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